Jas. Mardis: Iron-Framed Tapestry

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Title: “Believe I’ll Run On…”

I have a friend who is leaving town for a new job😢. I don’t have time to make a quilt but wanted to see if an “iron-framed tapestry” would do.

The image and top quote are from one of her FB posts. I added the bottom text; stitched leather wrapping with yarn and thread binding and, hopefully, a worthy design.

Repurposed and manipulated iron frame. Bamboo strips. Goat hide leather from Kenya (Thanks to Pan African Connection). Mesh fabric with high-end computer printing of an image from her personal FB post with top quoting from a Southern Spiritual with multi-layered color text and image printing.

This is a new creative direction that I can clearly see myself enjoying for a long time to come. Memory and the idea that fabric, metals and all of the items of our lives carry memory is both intriguing and very enlightening.  Being able to add original poetic narratives completes the perfect art-marriage. I am finding that I cannot create as fast as I dream.

Certainly in this case the friend who I created this piece for has opened up a world of joyous and precious awakening. Missing is not a complete enough word for her absence.

If you are enjoying this piece and wondering what I might dream up for you as a gift or art piece, let me invite you to “tell me a story”, “send me a photograph” or just let me know that you’d like to see other pieces in this line of work.




New Jas. Mardis Tapestry: “Flood Water Ain’t Never Blue”

“Flood Water Ain’t Never Blue” is the experience of two young girls during the great Arkansas flood of February 1937. It was a dangerous time, but a time when a girl met her best friend for life. They also learned a version of the folktale about why it rains while the sun is still shining. My Grandmother used to tell me about this flood from her youth. I found this picture while doing family history research on that flood.

From the “Eye Witness Series” from Jas. Mardis
Photo credit: Walker Evans and US Farm Security Administration collection

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