New Tapestry: “He Spit His Whole Chew on My New Dress”

A few years ago, during a workshop that I used to do with elders on Telling Family Stories, a woman shared a story of finally getting a new yellow dress. She begged her older sister to take her to the town square of their small, Texas town, so that she could “show it off”.

Of course, a ten year old girl walking thru the square of a 1940’s Texas town in a pretty yellow dress brought a hateful response from a White citizen chewing tobacco. Her father’s response was dangerous and immediate, but resulted in the White man’s public apology to the girls.

So, that’s the inspiration for creating a tapestry in honor of her story AND her Father’s honorable response.

The Lord often reveals materials and tools in the midst of inspiration. HE has provided yet again with this wire dress frame. UPDATE: This tapestry is under consideration for private or gallery ownership.

Slideshow images Copyright JasMardis2017

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