Opening: Written & Witnessed

There is so much asleep under a quilt that tells a story — but these will wake you UP.–Viewer

Well, tonight’s exhibition opening Written and Witnessed at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center was EXCELLENT, EXCITING, ENERGIZING and EVENTFUL! I’m amazed that so many new folks found us through the newspaper weekend GUIDE and came thru. So many new friends and so much surprise at the works on display. I’m honored to be a conduit for what The Lord has given me to share.
Thankful beyond measure for my Co-Artist, Andrea Tosten. We are a true dialogue.

Exhibition Award

I received the”Best Fabric Art Award” at tonight’s opening for Lenora Rolla Heritage Museum Exhibition on Migration. It is a fantastic exhibition with a student exhibition upstairs.

My fabric piece is titled, “Get To Harlem, New York NOW!” and features a cutwork tablecloth base with patchwork, image printing, thread painting and leather burnings.

The Iron & Leather Burning piece is titled, “You’re Funny, Mister”.

It was great to see and meet these Artists.