Love Field Airport Exhibition

The Love Field exhibition: Jas. Mardis-Selected Works is being installed and the Lord sent me the gift of passengers stopping and photographing the works, commenting and connecting! THEN, I get the joy of seeing homegirl Songstress Rhonda Nicole Tankerson swinging into town as I’m installing!!

If ever there was a co-sign of my Artist’s Journey Sistah Tankerson is it. She was a student at Booker T. Washington School of The Performing Arts when I was orating and workshopping with a fading afro and flat stomach. Circle completed. God is good!

Phase Two starts later and full exhibition up Monday morning-thru-February 29th!

Poem: Now That It Is Gone


now that it’s gone
I’m wondering if you’re actually smiling
as you leaned away from the camera
wondering if your shoulders are bare
wondering when I will see it again

wondering how much you thought
anybody would miss those few images
would regret not saving them among others
would say to strangers on a train,
“Bruh, you ever seen the way she smiles?”

I wanted to tell you secrets
before I met you
wanted to see your eyes brighten
to see if your ears pointed
when you shook your head while grinning
wanted to have you
come back toward the camera
to watch your shoulders rising
to catch the light in that room soften
around you
swallow up the warm colors and
pour them into your dress until
the black of it became a shadow
and there was ochre in the curl of your hair
and yellows running over the curves of your breasts
and three hues of blues racing the lengths and grooves of your arms
and white as you smile
and white as you stare

and budded roses
coming from the ends of your fingers
as you appear to say,
“Help Me Up…”
and me adding in the word:

“from this picture and into your arms”






Opening Dallas Exhibition

There were about 80 folks who fought through the “BLIZZARD OF 2020” to the opening of “Let The Tablecloth Speak” at the Main Library Downtown Dallas and each is embedded in my heart forever and a day. New faces and friends as well!

We talked and, as this exhibition tends to do, the stories and remembrances abounded. Laughter and a few eyes were wiped over the four hours. Faith Brown -Black Girls Quilt- made the two hour drive! Laura Casmore had made her stop with the grandkids early in the week.

The exhibition is always open and will actually talk to you! YES, there is an area that plays one of six story snippets when you pass! Come thru and tell the Library why you’re there! 4th Floor. Bring or SEND A FRIEND!