The replacement satchel-Messenger bag is 98% complete. 12”x16”x4” two pockets: one zippered on the back and one internal, a plug flap and various hooks, snaps and rings. The gusset and accents are Appaloosa and the body is an Italian veg tan that has been touched up with a very light tan dye. Fabric interior. There are three “Crowns” from my series and a modified African “twins” icon for prosperity. The closure is a pair of secured hooks and rings in antique brass. #makemyownbag #jasmardisart940 #leatherbag #mardis Thanks for your encouragement!

Okay, I’m up at 4am…let’s try a Trucker’s wallet

Front side with Art
Back zippered pocket
Side hooks and holders
The monkeys brought whiskey
Fabric interior and inside pocket
Plug flap
October front zipped pocket bag WIP
Something different
Pocket front with flap
Inside fabric

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