You created this moment, just…well, you know

For Tyra

                   I thought of you
                and the ways you leave the ground

                  to itself for awhile

                 of how you

                             ease the burden of gravity

                 how you

   raise up   and let one spot of Earth

take its rest

                         I thought of you

               taking your breath with you

             storing in your chest until you need a burst of air

         to        reach for your legs

                 to         hook your toes hard against the ring

              to         throw the slender thrust of your hips into repose

        to      lock the curve of your back  against that thinnest moon

                     then race your head toward the Earth

          and let the flattened ball of your core

           hold you     before a sudden     swirling     snap

                   into an inverted scissor 

                          before you  put the Lady on the Moon

                      or take   the Arabesque Seat

                   I wonder if you know that I see you

              breaking new ground    above ground

        bending the rules of an everlasting conquering

                             Ignored little girl children  lay their bodies across hoolahoops and say:

“Somebody’s falling up from the ground”

                   “Somebody’s holding their feet against the sky”

                           “Somebody’s upside the downside of the inside …and winning”

              I read thru nursery rhymes

                   and biblical verses

                  I looked for torn pages from old and dusty books on Library shelves

                    for images of self spun and grappling women

                their afros pushed and splayed by rushes of otherwise stagnant air

                      their legs and hips and breasts and bellies

                        cutting the air above crowds and thru rings and possibly angry Lions

                 freed from cages but stiffened by the fiery rings rage

                            each time I’m returned to you

                         launching   leaping  lasting for  what must feel like hours

                   above the weighted, open-mouthed

                         baited breath of the well-rested spot of Earth