Artists Statement

My art is a combined narrative of storytelling and visual play that utilizes historical and communal images and clues to create reflective moments for the viewer. I am trying to create a dialogue across generational memory. I want to believe that the canon of our cultural norms has not been eclipsed by the ravages of society’s comeuppance and sudden racial equity offerings. I am an artist of the discarded things, as were the grandmothers who granted me purchase at their sewing frame and porch swing storytelling sessions. I see the slow discarding of ourselves and reach down to retrieve and repurpose them in the work of my hands. I use narrative, text, tribal and ancestral images in creating the visual dialogue that marks my work. My fabric art and quilting are a dance of modern piecing and revived tattered quilting as background to leather portraits of youth and elder “Messengers”. I am currently using handmade custom framing to further qualify the artwork. By creating the frames, I am bounding the message and limiting the dialogue of each work’s subject matter. My use of leather and poplar as the mediums for the pyrography portraiture denotes permanence, significance and the time honoring commitment in the creations. Choice, is a recurring theme across my work and the subjects that I choose bear out the viewer’s investigation: posture, expression, age, weakness and strength of conviction to the narrative. I seek to ask the ongoing query of my people’s heart song. It is always the lasting echo of the individual shouting amongst the crowd, “Help Me Belong!” .