Create A Family Heirloom

This is the corner of the tablecloth where Grandfather Samuel sat and told us his stories. There is the stain from his coffee cup just above the half moon embroidery. We can still see the imprint of his large palm that rested on the table while the other turned the gilded pages of his worn Bible. He told stories about working in the fields and he whittled wood into buttons and replaced broken ones on his tattered overcoat. Now, his favorite “pickin’ cotton” picture hangs in the living room and we tell all the kids his story

Let Your Family’s Tablecloth Speak

What He Say, Daddy?, What He Say?!

When we were boys, my brother and I had the run of Cypress Street in North Little Rock, Arkansas on our Summer visits down home. We ate like kings and fished almost daily between stints of wrestling and throwing rocks at wasps nests and some, mean-as-hell, blue jays. Early mornings broke thru a small window […]

First Place Award…

I’ve won a First Place Award at the Ft Worth juried art exhibition for Juneteenth! More in a minute! Tarrant County Community College South Campus is located at 820 & 3501 Campus Dr in Fort Worth, TX.  This is a juried art exhibition celebrating freedoms gained on Juneteenth and the abolition of enslavement. My fabric […]

April Poetry 2016: Others Will Tell

Others Will Tell   Others will tell you that:   your yellow dress caught their eye and so they smiled  and winked and took their own picture to be reminded of you    later they will tell you that:  once they left you standing there caught up in the camera’s eye they grew another head thinking of […]

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