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There are multiple reasons for contacting me. Just email me and include your interest in the subject line.

imageFabric and Tapestry Workshop:  Minimal 10 participants and four hours of creative discussion and hands on development of projects to work on further away from the event. There is a workshop packet and in workshop purchases available for participants. Access to well vented, natural sun-lit area and a laundry area if possible.



being interviewedFabric and Tapestry Presentation/Talk: Minimal 45 minutes with display space for four free standing tapestries, roughly twenty feet of display area. One main display table (standard folding table) with proper seating or standing space for hands-on demonstrations and




quilt roomFabric, Quilting, Tapestry Exhibition Long Term (30 days or longer)

Art Exhibition/Display of less than 30 days




kentecloth cover smallPoetry Reading from my anthology,” KenteCloth: Southwest Voices of the African Diaspora” (University of North Texas Press) and newer works. Minimum 10 book purchase and audience book sales support and shipping required.





family folk tales posterThe Family Story Project workshop: 10 Participants or more only with a two day format for exploring genealogical subject matter thru family stories. Participant workbook purchase and material shipping required. Video and audio recording is required during this workshop and releases are mandatory.

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