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Mardis Profile LTTS MAINJas. Mardis is a Poet, Writer, Editor, Commentator and Fabric Artist. A 2014 inductee to The Texas Literary HOF, awarded The Push Cart Prize, NABJ GRIOT Awards and The Voertman Poetry Prize; Mardis is also a Family Historian. Art Quilting bonds two disciplines passed on from both Grandmothers. Luevenia Fears blessed him with stories and poetry. Adla Phillips-Mardis taught him traditional patchwork and hand quilting. His first quilts were shown at The Dallas African American Museum over 30 years ago and also thru Mardis’ City of Dallas Neighborhood Touring Program: The Family Story Project. Mardis uses 95% found, salvaged, thrift and repurposed materials in quilting. He is a self-taught wood and leather burner and enjoys making new fabric using a sun-activated dye process. Mardis prefers old linens and has three series made from a vintage tablecloth, curtains and pillow cases. Other series are large format applique and sculpture-quilting.

Mardis is currently exhibiting at The South Dallas Cultural Center April 2017 with the juried all media art show, blkART214. He has been awarded 3rd Place for his three tapestries: “Am I Human To You Yet?: The Return of the African Dodger”; “From The Front Porch” and “Sketches of Fatherhood”.

“Am I Human To You Yet?: The Return of the African Dodger” was recently exhibited at The Holocaust Museum of Houston, September 2016-Jan 2017, as part of the juried exhibition, “Man’s Inhumanity to Mankind”.

Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi has requested the tapestry, “Cruelty Comes For Us All” (2017) for the book for her traveling exhibition, Visioning Human Rights in the New Millennium, Schiffer Publication 2017.




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