the Family Story Project

books_smallThe Family Story Project is a combination of workshops and/or sessions designed to build a narrative that you can share with your family members about the lives and experiences of your ancestors. That narrative or story is a combination of the stories that you have heard and told over the years.

Where is home?        Who are your people?     What do you have recorded already?    In Which Wars did your family members serve?

What are the jobs and schools and friends and places of worship in your family history? Where are your ancestor’s interned and who presided over the funerals? Is there a funeral home that the family has used frequently over the years?  Is there a family bible or an old trunk where old papers and pictures or clothes are stored, but not ever really investigated?

These are just a few of the question that will easily lead you into knowing the nuance, details and evidence of your family story. In the Family Story Project’s Workshops you will use a workbook method in building the pieces of the story thru answering these and other questions in easy to follow reference charts. There is a philosophy of truth in doing all research and that is abundantly necessary in uncovering your own dynamic and revealing family narrative. The same charting method is used in an individual FS Project, but the objective is usually more targeted to a single person or family group and one generation.

Take a look at the familiar charts below and click to download from The National Archive Charts page. Try your hand at filling out the Pedigree chart.

An Ancestor Chartanchart
Use this chart to show those people from whom you DIRECTLY descend. Step-parents are not blood relatives, so recording their family history will generally falter after one or two generations. Whereas it is interesting information if your Step-family is involved in your life, the genealogical value is minimal. Your ultimate intent is to compile a complete and correct family unit. Most often you will start with a 4 Generation Chart but larger charts are available and advised if you have the information ready to record.

A Source Summary Chart
Use this chart to refer quickly to information you have located for a particular family and the source(s) of that information. It is a good practice to have a separate source summary of information found for each family group.

Correspondence Record
Use this chart to refer quickly to and keep track of everyone that you have contact with regarding your family story. Recording: the reasons for writing and if  you have already received an answer or have new questions or information that requires documentation or clarification. This is a very important document that will provide a documentation and source for moving ahead with a professional research project.

There are different approaches to The Family Story and one of the most significant and important ones is the video and audio recording of relatives and ourselves along the way. When I first began FSP the ability to record involved equipment that most web users have no idea how to operate. I actually used a professional mobile audio station built by Engineers at the radio station where I worked for over twenty years. It was heavy and difficult to manage but gave me terrific audio quality. It took a few years before portable video cameras replaced the 8mm handhelds and even a few more years before a portable computer and software, including Family Tree Maker, made the task easier. Now, everybody has an entire recording studio, editor and the web at their fingertips.

Most FSP Clients are surprised to discover that the average cell phone device carries an entire library of readily accessible family research, contact, audio and video to complete 25-50% of a basic three or four generation pedigree chart in our first meeting.

Take a look at the information required on the World War I Registration form and think of how beneficial that information can be in adding to your family story project. I can help locate these completed forms for your relatives who served in WWI and WWII. Other information is available for Civil War participation and limited other war related service.

This Research Package is performed for each conflict and is calculated per individual family household group.

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