Exhibition: “Just A Crown”

My “Child, Please!” Crown

Just A Crown is a new series of 40 original pieces by Jas. Mardis that imagines the various “crowns” worn by African-American Women during the stages and roles of their lifetimes. The series begins with a four stanza poem that declares the emotional, spiritual, physical, dynamic and relational existence displayed in the created works.

This series has multiple elements: Paper-cards, broadsides and cubicle cards; Fabric/Quilted Art in 24″x36″ and in a leather and iron exhibition.

Girls in Crowns by Jas.Mardis
“Girls In Crowns”

Each of the exhibition Crowns are mounted on handmade iron, brass and metal armatures that are adorned with shell and beading from various African Coasts with some wood, glass and clay elements from my creativity.

My “BigMama” Crown


African American imagery in art is always a drawing factor for a venue looking to grow audience, educate and promote dialogue driven events on cultural identity and community uplift.

Small Event & Private Rentals are available between full exhibitions.

Yes, You Can Rent Art!

My “In-Charge” Crown


Discussing the cultural identity and roles within the African American community is very important as we grow further apart in expanding due to improving access to the broader world. Our once tight fit community, agricultural and “block busting” neighborhood identities of the Great Migration era created many of the “crowns” from this series. Understanding the “Going Down Home” and “Take Care of Each Other” messages are at the core of strategic art placement, exhibition and creation within the African American Experience.

My “New Voice” Crown


African American imagery and discussion group or Cultural Arts Education is a major reason for the creation of this series. Art appreciation is an important element of developing prideful cultural and educational heritage. Bring this exhibition into your Black History, Juneteenth and Women’s History Month events.

“Sorrow’s” Crown
“Lord, Don’t Leave Me Now”

My “Shout” Crown
My “Garden” Crown

“Scratch My Scalp” Crown

My “Come Sit By Me” Crown
Rear of “Come Sit By Me” Crown

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