Exhibition: “Just A Crown”

My “Child, Please!” Crown

Just A Crown is a new series of 40 original pieces by Jas. Mardis that imagines the various “crowns” worn by African-American Women during the stages and roles of their lifetimes. The series begins with a four stanza poem that declares the emotional, spiritual, physical, dynamic and relational existence displayed in the created works.

This series has multiple elements: Paper-cards, broadsides and cubicle cards; Fabric/Quilted Art in 24″x36″ and in a leather and iron exhibition.

“Sorrow’s” Crown
“Lord, Don’t Leave Me Now”

My “Shout” Crown
My “Garden” Crown

“Scratch My Scalp” Crown

My “Come Sit By Me” Crown
Rear of “Come Sit By Me” Crown
Lord, Don’t Let Me Go
Lord 2

The “Just A Crown” Exhibition is booking now for all size venues.