Be Punctual
The workshop is a step-by-step process and causing the Coordinator to repeat the step that was given 30 minutes prior will drag down the process.

Basic Organizing
It is very important that your basic information is organized: First, Middle and Last names, as well as dates and locations should be known before coming to each session of the workshop.

Reveal Your Progress
There is no reason to research the knowledge already known. If you have some research please reveal it to the Coordinator so that a different instruction can be crafted for you.

Hire A Professional

This is a starters workshop. It is designed for those who have never pursued family history or those that have a limited knowledge or understanding of the information they have been given. DO NOT EXPECT the workshop leader to answer questions about your Indian ancestry, step parent history or where to locate a specific person that disappeared in the family and you have a nickname to go on. Also, if you already have 10 generations of family genealogy information this is not the workshop for you.

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Be Courteous and Respectful

Workshops are for the full spectrum of participants and will benefit from working in tandem with each other. If your needs are not being met because the subject matter is too “elementary”, then you are in the wrong workshop. Please excuse yourself and seek a higher level workshop or hire a professional Genealogist.