Jas. Mardis is an award-winning Poet, Writer and Fabric Artist raised in Dallas’ legendary Oak Cliff section of middle-class African-American families in the 1960’s. Mardis carries over his well known storytelling into the creative fabric art quilts, prints and unique leather pyrography portraits of his art. He is a 2014 Inductee to The Texas Literary Hall of Fame and Pushcart Prize Awardee. Mardis Fabric Art was recognized in his selection by Swarthmore College in 2019 as one of twelve Quilters in “Response To Gees Bend”, the legendary Alabama Quilting Community. Jas. Mardis brings all of the relative vision of an age into the creative realms of his writing, poetry, fiction, storytelling, quilting, portraits and print work that are in this exhibition and market presentation.

Artist, Jas. Mardis

The Printed images in this section are all sized 12″x36″ and printed on HP canvas with pigment inks and are priced at $300.00 (unframed) in exclusive editions of 10. This set of images in this size are only available for Chocolate Secrets customers in this show.

Of course the pieces will be framed simply for the show and you can let me know when I can begin.

(Tap the image to see full picture)

“BigMama’s Essence” is printed on Museum quality Breathing Color Silverada Aqueous Canvas and is 24”x24”framed in a white wood settings and available for viewing the sheened surface at Chocolate Secrets on the wall at the stage. This is an exclusive canvas and size printing. $2,500 framed. Unframed printed on Hewlett-Packard canvas 24”x24” $1,700

These items are exclusive One-Of-A-Kind Creations featuring the multimedia artistry of Jas. Mardis using the unique art form of pyrography portraiture on leather combined with fabric quilting, patchwork and thread painting. These creations are made further exclusive by the custom frame artistry of the Artist. (Tap image to see full picture)

Leather Pyrography Crowns