A Short Term Exhibition

Short term, small exhibitions are available for organizations and groups within the United States.

Small exhibitions is defined as five items of artworks, including fabric art, leather sculpture and/or framed leather portrait works.

All shipping and handling costs to exhibition location and return to Artist are included within agreement and are the responsibility of the Exhibition Client. That cost varies by location and is not a flat fee.

Suggested Exhibitions from existing “rested full exhibitions” are below:

“Let The Tablecloth Speak: The Embedded DNA of Heirloom Linens

“Just A Crown: Imagining 40 Crowns Worn by Black Women During Their Lifetime

Love Me or Leave Me

“Mother’s and Sons”


Leather Pyrography Portraits

Large Quilt/Leather projects

Hangers 12-16 inch custom wood hangers with quilts

Candleholders and incense burners


KODAK Digital Still Camera