Sorrow’s Crown In Depth

Sorrow's Crown

Sorrow’s Crown


“Sorrow’s Crown(2021) is from the print series, “Just A Crown”: Imagining 40 of the Crowns/Personalities worn by Black Women During Their Lifetime”. Sorrow and despair are not strangers to the lives of Black Women, especially in America. I was struck by the rampant medical ignorance that impact Black women’s lives, especially in childbirth where a myriad of missteps result in the loss of the Mother’s life or physical damage to the reproductive system.



24in x 24in


16lbs framed and matted Private Collection


White Leather hide with laser pyrography of an original image and vinyl embossing

Sorrow's Crown
  • Sorrow’s Crown is accented with a golden brown vinyl that has been lasered into the leather at a very high resolution and slow burn power. I used a very delicate technique to create shadows and depth.
sorrows crown face detail
  • Sorrow’s Crown is created from a greatly manipulated photograph of a young lady in deep concentration. One of the elements I used was to turn her face down and rotate it to the right for the deeper shadow effect and to create a pocket for the lasered vinyl to rest within.

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