The pieces below are available for purchase. To purchase the itemt you will press the PayPal link and complete the purchase. If two buyers just happen to make the same purchase the earliest purchase attempt will succeed.

Leather Burning piece, framed and mat, 8x10 image
The One-Legged Cotton Picker $600.
Leather Burning piece, framed 4x4, no mat
Give Me Your Heart $300.
Repurposed iron frame, screen printed fabric and leather burned image with good metallic thread
The Vessel $500
Front Porch Windows SOLD
8x10 approximation
Leather Burning for framing only $300.
Leather Burning piece framed in glass display 8x10
The Girl In Time $800 framed
Leather Burning image in suggested round, iron frame with fabric backing
Boy Looking Back $500
Leather Burning in white shadow box with fabric background
The Ancestors: Woman in Print Dress framed $700
Poor Boy In Torn Shirt $500 (shadow box framed additional cost)
The Future in His Eyes $500 raw edge
On A Bench Reflecting $500
Listening (small) $300 wood framed
I’m Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time! $1,000
The Ancestors: #100. $1,500
The Ancestors: Patiently Hearing You $2,000. Fabric hanging
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