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The WITNESS Workshop portion of the Written Witness Exhibition at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center Feb-March 2019 will be limited to 20 participants and will be conducted by Jas. Mardis using the images below. Register early by completing and submitting the form to the email address provided. *Your attendance is not guaranteed until you receive a response to your submitted form.

The workshop is meant to expand upon the response to images of everyday, common folks from a different era in the history of the United States. During the 1940’s The United States employed professional artist and photographers to document the U.S. Many of the more infamous portraits were of the Southern region and include flood victims, tenant farmers and rural life realities.

In this exercise we will explore our modern response to the knowledge of history and to the generosities of familiarity. We will use the cultural art of quilting to express the feelings that emerge out of our explorations. Whereas there will not be any sewing in this workshop we will utilize the quilter’s method of choosing a design and stitching method for bonding the three layers of a utilitarian bed cover.

Our modern culture of instant gratification and delivery  of completed clothing and household fabrics has erased the experience of artistic inclusiveness. Quilting, specifically, is the stitch pattern, whereas Quilt Piecing is the designed expression of the maker’s giftedness for visually comforting the receiver of the quilt. Quilts were often gifted as wedding and parenting items. They were also given to the person leaving home for the larger world. Consider the messages that would be extended in the different pattern for each of these. Comfort? Warning? Advisory? Directive? Instructive?

Using the images of the people below take a moment to consider YOUR RESPONSE to that image and what kind of quilt you would create for the “life” following your introduction and exposure with the person(s) therein. You are allowed to include words, poetry, scriptures, recipes, photographs, documents, maps, and whatever other creative or informative elements you desire to express yourself.


banner for witness

**The assignment of images will be random and you will not be able to request a specific image.
**Placeholder for workshop questionnaire and quiltmaking patterns

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