Ancestral Sea Rising In Depth

Sorrow’s Crown


“ WIP: “Ancestral Sea Risings” by Jas Mardis. I’ve been developing this piece of assemblage art for three years and basically adding/subtracting these beads and mixing the epoxy and colors. My Scientist Daughter sent me a brew of sands, along with her encouragement and this bubbly rising stone was birthed! Ornamental brass, reformed iron basket, black beading , epoxy resin and repurposed stones with sand and color “brew”. Work in progress and more soon at http://JasMardis/rising #daughtersrule #mardisar



14in x 16in x 10in




Decorative Brass, Iron mesh, beading, Epoxy Resin, sand and round stones

  • .These stones represent the rising spirits of the captured Africans who were lost to self sacrificing jumping ship, death or being thrown overboard. The center stone is rising independently in the center of the roiling spirits who are circling in a remembrance of their bondage and not yet realizing that their bonds are broken. The stirring, roiling and bubbling seas are a combination of epoxy resin, coloring and a mixture of sands. The “bowl” sits atop the “seas” and is also an aged brass.
Ancestral Rising Detail Eternity Web

The iron mesh screen above the piece represents a Heavenly Vortex that embodies the spiritual ascending of the myriad peoples among the captured, not yet enslaved of spiritually compromised peoples. The mesh is a variation of sizes, portals and pathways to their Creator. I did not want to introduce a Christian-only motif upon these freed peoples. There is a collapsing oval shape for this Heavenly Vortex that I wanted to represent an evolution of enlightenment.

Ancestral Rising Detail Shell and Crab

This base is what began my involvement with the piece and exploration of resolving the souls of the departed Africans. The image of the opened shell introduces a freeing of the soul. That idea is also embodied in the swirling on both side of the shell and the notches that are along the body of the shell. In addition, the crab appears to be entering the shell and setting up residence so that no other soul will be captured

What these black beads represent is breath that is being formed after death. I have draped these beads is a roiling presentation to give the spirits life in their ascension from the bottom of the sea right up into the Heavenly Vortex.

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