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Jas Mardis works in fabric, wood, metal and leather in traditional, cultural art and mark-making creations. He is an Arkansas native, Texas based Artist and Writer with a 2014 Induction to the Texas Literary Hall of Fame; a 2000 Pushcart Prize for Poetry award and multiple GRIOT Awards from The National Association of Black Journalist-Dallas for Social Commentary.  Mardis has worked in Marketing, Research and had a 20 year Broadcast Radio career that included award-winning Radio Commentary and Documentaries. Jas Mardis was a freelance Journalist, working for both major market Newspapers and print publications across the United States. He has created symposiums in Black Cinema and written about Film. Mardis has been featured at The National Black Arts Festival and Curated the Cultural Stage for the Southwest Black Arts Festival-Dallas. In addition, Mardis has lectured on cultural arts and taught Public Discourse and Creative Writing for Public and Private institutions with a 13 year position at The Gifted Student Institute @ SMU-Dallas, TX. 

The works presented herein are original designs, text, narratives and printed designed fabrics by the Artist. There are myriad combinations of media in this art, such as: patchwork quilting and leather portraits with wood hangers.

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fabric, wood, metal, original text and leather in traditional, cultural art

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Series: Just A Crown (20) ************ Sculpture ******** Let The Tablecloth Speak (21)

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