Jas. Mardis: HOME exhibition of leather portraits, statues and a single fabric/leather collaboration at Dallas Love Field Airport has been extended. Due to an overwhelming public/traveler response Curator Rachel Simpson has negotiated a two week extention. This is an 11 piece art exhibition by Dallas Poet, Fabric/Leather Artist, Jas. Mardis. More at http://jasmardis.com.

Thanks Dallas for the LOVE!!! (yes, that is a play n words)

HOME Exhibition Opens

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Love Field Airport has featured me for the second 2020 exhibition: Jas MARDIS:HOME for the month of June. The highlight of this exhibition is a fabric and leather piece from the series, Mothers & Sons: “Sons of Her Thunder” subtitle: “Not Another Boy Harmed!”. Select pieces from my “Just A Crown” series on pedestals and two leather burned portraits on new stands complete the display.

Dallas Love Field Airport featuring Jas Mardis: HOME

“Sons of Her Thunder” uses a leather drawn image and a printed image on cloth with the backdrop of an andinkra symbol for energy. John and James, “The Sons of Thunder” from Luke 9:54 who asked Jesus of their enemies, “Lord, do you want us to tell fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” In Matthew 20:20 their Mother famously asks Jesus if her sons could sit in an exalted place in Heaven. In consideration of the current climate I offered a twist on a Mother’s response. “Rain Thunder, Lord, on those who would harm my sons! Bring them home to sit beside me!”