Jas Mardis: Hand and Laser Exhibition

May 2021 I return to the display case of the Main Lewisville Library. I’m displaying laser enhanced designs and hand pyrography items with small quilts and the new wood hangers and candleholders. The laser engraving machine is part of the Library’s HIVE MAKERS SPACE. I was introduced to the progressive creative space during my 2019 Library case exhibition and enjoy the knowledge and skills of the HIVE staffers.

Jas Mardis: Hand & Laser Pyrography and Portraits runs May 1-29, 2021. Mask up and see the work, then tour THE HIVE. #LPLthehive Tell them I sent you!

Wood You Mind

The best thing about working with wood is taking your time and not missing the slight variations. Doing a little something on this former pine stair step, using a table saw and a Fortsner bit set, before work. I tweaked out seven quilt holders. Stain and epoxy comes later. #turnmeloosemane #jasmardisart #dontsaywoodpeckerboy

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13” Quilt Hangers with African Tribal Images and Spiritual Narratives
Test with leather pyrography and patchwork
Test: Nobody Told Me The Road Would Be Easy
Test: I Know Something About God’s Grace leather pyrography and manipulated jacquard with lace
“Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child” leather pyrography portrait with narrative quilting


I’ve worked on this for about a month to get the right balance of fabric and swathes to tell the story of the song. “Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”. I decided to have the image eating a slice of melon and allow pink, white and a tricycle fabric to represent her youth. The brown and orange, blues and green fabrics represent her carrying the feelings into her later years. As for the “mother” she’s represented in the thin, lime on the right and a flowery fabric at the top, beneath “a long, long way from home”. The hanger is 1.5” wide and I have a small block at the bottom of the quilt for balance.

“Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child”

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Stealing Sweet Apple Pears

Audio–Stealing Sweet Apple-Pears

We could not walk away from the wet mouthed joy
of the palm-sized apple-pears
stolen at a speed of one hundred steps an hour
from the tree in Mr. Willie’s backyard

       each bite to come

  worth the bare-foot procession over spurned alley trash
and fallen branches petrified against the barren, rootless earth

each of our shirt-baskets
full to the wide-eyed brim with yellow-green and crimson delight

our mouths already full of last summer’s remembrance:
zest and tang and pith and running

we could not

not even when he stood watching
his ratty bathrobe tied into a knot
the same patterned knot that tied his Viet-damned soul
tied it so tightly that this battle for pears
was his only connection to the world still outside of him

tied and ragged
ragged and red and yellowed and bruised
as much like his wounds on the battleground
torn into strips and shreds and being pulled away from him

like the skin of his plump, backyard fruit
between our teeth

gathered between the supple lips of our youth

pulled and suckled away from the meat and the seed

each bite
each crimson and yellow-green oddest oval globe
taking our teeth like first and last

each fruit
licking back against our tongues
lapping back into the canyon of our bite
claiming that moment of fulfillment
cajoling our senses toward the next summer’s delight
creating the answers to the questions of pleasure

each of those fruits
come so graciously year after year to that tree
come so tauntingly aromatic on the first day winds
come so wickedly olive-to-sanguine
and finally to wasted, fallen,  saffron fodder for the night creature’s to taste

We could not walk away from the wet mouthed joy
of the palm-sized apple-pears
dangling so much like desire
swaying in the lilting southern summer siroccos
like radio music from air-condition less cars
and the sweet, sweet flask of bay rum spilled onto the barber’s smock
and the yelping night hounds trapped, swollen in mid-hump out back of the fence
the from heaven falling
out of Mr. Willie’s apple-pear tree
having never landed and bounced against the earth

circling and spinning and pendulant from a branch
my face turned crimson
my pants ripped into a knotted gash
and Mr. Willie
coming finally through the screen door
in hand





Copyright 1996 Jas. C. Mardis  All Rights Reserved

Exhibition alert

“My Suspicious Crown” original fabric, African print and leather pyrography on an heirloom table runner. Hanging art. From the “Just A Crown” series 2021
“A Child Sings, “Amazing Grace” 24”x36” giclee with original text by Artist
“Ol’ Catfish” original fabric design and leather pyrography portrait, quilted fabric art.

“Still Too Many Rivers” original fabric design, leather pyrography portrait and text with sari accent and quilting.

“My, I’m Not Even Listening, Crown” fabric art and leather pyrography with thread painting and quilting. Hanging Art.
“Still Too Many Rivers Ahead” original fabric design and leather pyrography portrait with fabric manipulation and quilting. Hanging Art.
“My”Child, Please” Crown Sculpture 16”x16” Hammered metal armature and original leather pyrography portrait with ochre African beading and leather strapping.
“The Gandy Dancers: Sang Dirty” fabric and triple leather pyrography portraits with hand-piecing quilting round.
“Sorrow’s Crown” leather pyrography portrait with vinyl accents under a spot light for effect. 8”x8” (show framed and matting)

“Girl Crowns” leather pyrography multiple image piece.
“Girl on the Porch” Leather Pyrography Portrait
“The Curious Boy” fabric with thread painting, ribbon painting, image manipulation and image printing with crochet elements and leather corners.
“The Man Who Knows All” Leather Pyrography Portrait
BigMama Crown

Cedars Union Art Equity Award

2021 begins with the Art Equity Award at The Cedars Union Art Incubator, Dallas, Texas. They have a Juki, everything Adobe and a wood shop, among other things. Looks like my first project is a cot in the corner🤔. I’m joined by fellow Artists, Phallon and Molly. 🎉

2021 begins with an award and Art Incubator at The Cedars Union-Dallas, Texas