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Gandy Dancers & Shouters

Okay, I think I’ve gotten these Gandy Dancer shouters & chant leaders out of my system. It ain’t over until the big man hollers! I’ll give a shout-out to Artist Tyrone Geter and his recent exhibition at the Denton Arts Council. I think about my subjects quite differently after that show. (Now, if only torn leather pieces fit together and overlapped like Geter’s paper ).

Library Exhibition

Library Exhibition is up! Hello April in Lewisville, TX! 8 pieces = 5 fabric+ 5 Leather Burnings (2 leather/fabric pieces). No talks planned. This display is at the main entrance from the larger parking lot at the Lewisville (TX) Public Library and will be up all month.


Exhibition Closes

Dallas, it is finished…

WRITTEN AND WITNESSED at the fantastic Oak Cliff Cultural Center has closed and we want to THANK Gerardo Robles for his dynamic curatorship and encouragement in pulling our talents into a dialogue on these walls!

Thank you Marion Marshall for being first thru the door on opening night. Thank you Ms. Chesley Ann for being the final show visitor.

Next: Lewisville Library April 1-30, Main Entrance display case (across from restrooms)

Two New 2018 Shows: Art214- Dallas, Texas & Jas. Mardis

“Jas Mardis is up to his old tricks in the world of art.  He spins a yarn, and quilts the damn thing!”


Hey Folks! Great news! I’m in two juried exhibitions coming up for March and April. My Iron Tapestry, “He Spit His Whole Chew On My New Dress” was juried into the Latino Cultural Center show “Art214”, April 11-May 25th.

I’m also juried into “Art214” at the South Dallas Cultural Center. They’ve taken, “The Girl Who Eloped Next Door” for March 31-April 28th!

*Feel free to drop the folks an email saying, “Thank You for showing the Fabric Art of Jas. Mardis! We’d love to see a full exhibition of “Let The Tablecloth Speak” series”.





He Spit_Side4