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Love Field Airport BHM

The City of Dallas Aviation folks at Love Field Airport ain’t no joke! It was a pleasure to be your speaker today for the Black History Appreciation program. Not sure how many folks eventually got in the room, but let’s say 200 and shave off the edges!

This event allowed me to reach 50 displayed artworks at the same time in the same City! Of course, I didn’t get pictures of the full display of quilts 🤨. The folks flooded in as soon as I got set up. These 4 quilts were my talk focus: Social Commentary Thru Fabric Art.

Now, I’d like to claim that my fabric art and poetry had these folks dancing, but…
It’s just a cool visual to have folks dancing in front of your fabric works!

Black Aviation Employee Group

Nice crowd

Poem: Others Will Tell

You deserve Poetry

Others Will Tell 

        Others will tell you
     that:   your copper dress caught their eye
        and so they smiled  and winked and took their own picture
     to be reminded of you    later
         they will tell you
     that:  once they left you sitting there
         caught up in the camera’s eye
      they grew another head thinking of all the sweet things they didn’t say
     they will tell you
   that:   every other lofty, wavering laughter since your’s on that day
      when the camera flashed and your face shown bright in the shadows 
    reminds them of how much sweetness and joy remains in the world
      they will tell you
    that:   strangers and friends have begun to ask 
       for their own copy of your picture   to gaze upon during breaks in their day
    to imagine the cool shade and warmth   to want to be framed by the shadows of candles
      they will tell you
   that: they finally understand    why others wander the earth
      cameras in hand    the new day’s sun bathing them all over 
   their eyes filling and flowing over with the hope of having such a moment with you
    they will tell you
   that: when I heard their story of the wonderful, watchful, witness of you
      I did not weep or wail or moan    I did not blink or wink or nod
    I simply shook my head and whispered: “Yeah? Wait until she wears red”
Jas. Mardis


      When you say “wait”
     and rise to your full height 
     your full and encompassing girth 
   your full measure 
         of curves and hips and thighs
       your full dress 
     falling like first rain
         across a blessing of breasts and belly
      across a feast of touches:
          your hand to mouth
         your palm to waist
your fingers to smooth an imagined wrinkle 
      across your lap
    your calves pushing back the chair
        your falling napkin
      against the surrendering table
.        I know that you are going to say,
            “…I’ll be right back”
       there is something about the way
     you leave the table 
           the way you press yourself anew
  the way you rejoin the world above us
          the way you enter an exiting
        that says 
        to my soul
            “It’ll take some courage
              when she does that one last time”
Jas . Mardis

Jas Mardis: Selected Works

My exhibition: Jas. Mardis-Selected Works at Dallas Love Field Airport (baggage claim area entry) is up! If you’re traveling thru Dallas stop thru and see a few fabric art pieces, leather burning framed and sculpture art. The images on leather are from a new series: Just A Crown—(on leather, paper, wood and fabric). Thank you Hortencia Rubalcava for the invitation. Now-thru-February 29th.

“My I’m In-Charge Crown” from the Just-A-Crown Series by Jas. Mardis

Title: My “Child, Please” Crown from The Just-A-Crown Series by Jas. Mardis

Love Field Airport Exhibition

The Love Field exhibition: Jas. Mardis-Selected Works is being installed and the Lord sent me the gift of passengers stopping and photographing the works, commenting and connecting! THEN, I get the joy of seeing homegirl Songstress Rhonda Nicole Tankerson swinging into town as I’m installing!!

If ever there was a co-sign of my Artist’s Journey Sistah Tankerson is it. She was a student at Booker T. Washington School of The Performing Arts when I was orating and workshopping with a fading afro and flat stomach. Circle completed. God is good!

Phase Two starts later and full exhibition up Monday morning-thru-February 29th!