Memory Workshop & Exhibition

Memory Workshop: A Tablecloth Speaks

This memory building workshop is designed to use everyday items from family life to stir and enhance storytelling skills and the creation of simple poster art displays that can serve as a group exhibition.

Everything begins with the exhibition of 10 fabric art quilts arranged around a “dinner table”. These art quilts display images of the “family” from that dinner table gathering in their favorite seating position. Each quilt carries a story or remembrance of that person that is carried forward as family folklore and history.

Moving around the table the participants adopt a person whose “story” reminds them of a family member or friend. They can also choose someone who reminds them of themselves as a starting point for their own project exhibition poster.

Military story Project

Within 30 minutes of the first session we will begin to build a PEDIGREE CHART showing family members from that memory and attaching MEMORY BUILDERS to that chart. The MEMORY BUILDERS are elements of the story, such as: time, season, food, music, clothing, sounds and events) that we will return to at a later time in developing an art display.

Outside the Barbershop2

Subsequent sessions will build on these recollections and use various media tools like photography and journaling/video and audio documenting, to generate stories that can be told around a new family table.

As with the original exhibition, a new tablecloth is brought in for session two and the members choose their placesetting. If the exhibition option is chosen I will use the workshop setting to create a poster or fabric art piece featuring the “class” with a fragment of their “stories” from the 4 week session.

 The workshop pieces are taken by the participants.


Group size can range 5-10 members
Materials needed are provided workbooks in a large format, 11’x14′ landscape, large print typeface for ease of use and writing or photocopied images and documents.
Permission to record form
Work area representative and respectful of the participants

Original Exhibition space can be negotiated to accommodate the full 10 piece fabric art items and a small 4’x6′ table or a reduced, minimal 7 piece wall hanging exhibition.

Get started:

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