The replacement satchel-Messenger bag is 98% complete. 12”x16”x4” two pockets: one zippered on the back and one internal, a plug flap and various hooks, snaps and rings. The gusset and accents are Appaloosa and the body is an Italian veg tan that has been touched up with a very light tan dye. Fabric interior. There are three “Crowns” from my series and a modified African “twins” icon for prosperity. The closure is a pair of secured hooks and rings in antique brass. #makemyownbag #jasmardisart940 #leatherbag #mardis Thanks for your encouragement!

Okay, I’m up at 4am…let’s try a Trucker’s wallet

Front side with Art
Back zippered pocket
Side hooks and holders
The monkeys brought whiskey
Fabric interior and inside pocket
Plug flap
October front zipped pocket bag WIP
Something different
Pocket front with flap
Inside fabric

The Gathering

This is a design that I’ve created for an upcoming fabric printing. There are two African elements that I’m usurping to create my piece: “The Gathering”.

The Gathering

The “dog” is from the Fanti people (think Mr. Kofi Anaan). I’ve used three as a symbol of defiance from the laws that broke up groups of 3 Black men in public.
The other symbol is an Ibo (Nigerian) wall design. It looks like a split open seed husk. I’m using it here to represent “Arrival”.

The geometric panel presentation is a statement of expectation and force: We Are Gathering…with or without you!

MARDIS The Human Book

Literally— Come Check ME Out — Saturday, September 10, 2022
My “Human-Book” is titled: “Grasshopper Pie”.
How it works: Learn More about this program: click the graphic

The Dallas Public Library invites you to check out a person instead of a book!

Welcome to the library of people! Instead of borrowing a book, indulge in the experience of checking out a person. Challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

The Human Library allows people to come together in an informal, one on one setting, to have comfortable dialogue about often uncomfortable topics. Our human books are drawn from fascinating members of our communities who have fascinating stories that you MUST hear.

How it works: Come in during the hours of 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and spend 20 minutes reading the following “books” (to be announced). Have a conversation, ask questions, stay open and learn.

The goal is to publish people as open books and to challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

Learn more and register via the Dallas Public Library’s website here. This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Friends of the Dallas Public Library.