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Human Rights Exhibition Opening in Ohio

You just can’t imagine the time we had sharing together at the exhibition opening in Hamilton, OH. Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi is a Master at gathering artistic souls. The crowd at The Fitton Center for the Arts kept us (60 Artist) all dancing with questions, tears, anger, confusion and applause. This is a traveling exhibition so call your favorite Museum to see if they will schedule it.


Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, Curator
Quilter and Former Librarian, Julius Bremer


The dynamic Ms. April Anue and her 3D piece
Detail narrative section of my piece, “Cruelty Comes for Us All”
Detail court house steps & surrender section of my piece, “Cruelty Comes for Us All”
Detail top section of my piece, “Cruelty Comes for Us All”. The bloody hands are on lynch scenes
Detail top section of my piece, “Cruelty Comes for Us All”. The bloody hands are on lynch scenes and the postcard is to remind us that pictures of lynchings once traveled in the U.S. Mail
“Cruelty Comes for Us All” by Jas Mardis


First Place Award…

I’ve won a First Place Award at the Ft Worth juried art exhibition for Juneteenth! More in a minute! Tarrant County Community College South Campus is located at 820 & 3501 Campus Dr in Fort Worth, TX.  This is a juried art exhibition celebrating freedoms gained on Juneteenth and the abolition of enslavement. My fabric Art piece celebrates the freedom to serve in the Military. Charles Young was the 3rd Black Graduate of West Point’s Military Academy, the First African-American to earn Colonel and the first African-American Superintendent of Public Lands. He was born into slavery so I titled my piece “To Whom much is Given…”

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Thank You City of Dallas for ART214 in April and May

April and May featured art shows for my girls: 4F661D0A-0DA7-4C46-BB2B-72FC11D57F68“He Spit His Whole Chew On My New Dress” &E7014C27-C01A-43DA-AFD0-772B917F0D54.jpeg “The Girl Who Eloped Next Door”. Thanks to ART214-City if Dallas, South Dallas Cultural Center and The Latino Cultural Center for selecting my fabric art in 2018! 

Thanks as well to my new and old friends for your support, encouragement and presence at these art exhibitions. 

**June is shaping up as the month for my fabric art pieces featuring men. Stay tuned**

Summer Remembrance: The Negro Traveler Green Book

“Negro Traveler’s Green Book” piece for a Juneteenth show. This one is more of a tribute than artistic endeavor. I used burlap on one corner to house the Jim Crow signage and subliminally speak to transitioning from Country-to-City life. These are family and found photos. The narrative is my original piece and not an actual slogan used in the publication.

Do you remember this necessary travel guide? It was published 1936-1967 for the whole Country and abroad.

I’m available to show and/exhibit any one of three fabric art series. Leave me a comment with your interest.


ART214: Latino Cultural Center Opening was Great!

This is the best experience that I could ever have had as a fabric artist! The ART214 @ The Latino Cultural Center is Museum worthy! It is divided into two galleries and feels like JOY!
Big SHOUTOUT TO Andrea T. who met me at the door with friendship and excitement for my work. Her opening is April 28th. Guess where I’ll be on April 28!
Great conversations about my little piece! Why do people think I’m a woman artist? Had some crying and holding of the throat. Had some anger and even some new friends and invitations to speak about making memories.
I’m about as pleased as I’ve ever been! God is good.