When you say “wait”
     and rise to your full height 
     your full and encompassing girth 
   your full measure 
         of curves and hips and thighs
       your full dress 
     falling like first rain
         across a blessing of breasts and belly
      across a feast of touches:
          your hand to mouth
         your palm to waist
your fingers to smooth an imagined wrinkle 
      across your lap
    your calves pushing back the chair
        your falling napkin
      against the surrendering table
.        I know that you are going to say,
            “…I’ll be right back”
       there is something about the way
     you leave the table 
           the way you press yourself anew
  the way you rejoin the world above us
          the way you enter an exiting
        that says 
        to my soul
            “It’ll take some courage
              when she does that one last time”
Jas . Mardis

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