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Lily of the Valley

Photo credit April Anue

Lily of the Valley

   by now

          we are clearly smitten

  unsure of the end but certain of the path to it

    all at once I understand something that others have wanted me to read

 or at least the reason for so many to agree
     it is a simple coming together 

 the rising voice of two people who know truly of love

     somewhere along the way

    their tongues have merged into a single song
    you and I know it as kindred spirits

 we already know what the hours ahead of us hold

    so few minutes make up a night together 

    that we are both out of time before the clocks have run full circle
   I want you to be sure of the brown bud

 frozen outside your window 

    baked brown into a dormant husk in defiance of the driven snow

  and laced poorly with the ice-cicled web of a lone spider
   I want you to know that it is a bud of the Rose of Sharon

  again cast against the shadows of another fair Maiden

     the sun darkened lily of the valley

  biding time in the season of bitter cold and frozen brambles
   and so, let’s answer the question rising and falling within your breast

  the one that begs at the corners of your mouth

the one that is awakening the unfamiliar craving tugging 

    riffling and running with your blood’s fire thru your soul
   listen, Sweet, as I speak with a plan of love on my lips

  with every intention of your flowering and blooming 

    of covering and protecting              of comforting and pleasure

   listen, like this bud in repose, for a strum of the web in your Winter
  Our’s is not the Solomon Song

    but You can be the dark maiden come in from the sun 

  breaking free from all of the known words of men and sisters

 pressing your head gently to the thunder of my welcoming breast
  you have been found 

  every whisper of your heart song is heard without need for reprise

 each of your nights are calling for voluminous joy

     endless is your destiny        evermore becomes the only answer 
      and so to your soul I speak:

  Lily of the Valley      Rose of Sharon

    do not bother with the brambles that have so long entangled ’round you

 press into the shadow of their brittle vein and thorns 
   come forward to my arms and favor

 wipe the weeping memory of any binding rope

    untie the warm caress within you

  undress the trembling, waiting, loving, searching hopes.

Jas. Mardis    12/28/2017

Jas. Mardis is an award winning Poet, Commentator and a Fabric Artist living in Dallas, TX. Jas. Is a 2014 inductee to The Texas Literary Hall of Fame.